Hi, I'm Dana!

I started Red Poppy Photography in 2012, when I realized that I would like nothing more than to help document life for families around me. My goal is to create memories that your family will treasure forever.


I moved to the US with my husband over a decade ago from Israel which is where we grew up (read: strong accent!). We have three amazing sons and a sweet Springer Spaniel pup. I am a wannabe gardener, enjoy traveling and camping with my family, and was a software engineer in my previous profession (pre-kids!).


I am obsessed with babies and I genuinely love taking photos of these special stages in your life. I can't wait to meet you and your little ones!

Why I hire a photographer every year

I'm an introvert, and being in front of the camera is always tough for me - I much prefer being behind it. And still, I hire a photographer to take our family photos every year, for two main reasons:


1. To make sure that I have some great photos with my family that are not selfies.


2. To leave all the stress to another professional! It's so liberating to simply enjoy our time together during the session, follow instructions, and let someone else be in charge of photographing, editing, and making sure we all look best in our photos!


Below you can see some of our family photos taken throughout the years. Yes, some are selfies and phone photos, but most are professional photos that represent who we are and a special time in our lives. I'm sure you can easily tell which are the professional photos in this bunch. You owe it to yourself too. Get in those pictures, you won't regret it! Contact me today to book your session.

Things I love

  • My family
  • A strong cup of cappuccino
  • Dark chocolate
  • Nature walks
  • Traveling
  • Hot summers
  • Newborn babies
  • Flowering gardens
  • Art and architecture
  • Audio books (because who has time to read?)